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Robert Dunyo Moore

Head of Operations/managing partner


I like to be around and work with people. This is my number one interest that is work related. Helping people get what they want, or need is a job well done in my eyes.

When I was younger I have the desire to create my own business as years go by I find myself working with a freight forwarding company in the year 2007 as a flied supervise I took great interest in my flied  of work and rose up as an assistance operation manger, having a formal basic education I personal took the responsibility to develop myself in personal leaning in my area of expertise by leaning a lost from my mistakes, in my start up to business a started a fumigation business which I  build a good client base , which kept life moving and managing a two member team as we work together few year on I came in contact with Redan international limited with it offices base in UK, Singapore ,Nigeria, CODE D’IVOIRE,  GHANA ,  BENIN, TOGO AND INDIA from 2018 , Reudan is a freight forwarding company and partnering with them in Ghana as a their local agent handle all local operations in custom clearances & documentation as a start up with one partner we work together to become one among the best in clearing & forwarding which has brought a great experience in my flied of expertise of head of operations, in 2019 we went ahead to incorporated a company in Nigeria which I  handle all operations and account, ln 2020 we incorporated a branch company of Reudan in Togo which am part of directors in seeing to day to day running of the business , with my few years of experiences we incorporated other business into third party services providing the services for export of timber commodities incorporated name , MEDASEA GOLBAL TRADE LIMITED and MEDAESEA INVESTMENT LTD with 50% shareholding in this incorporations I started my own incorporation in 2022 with it name FIX GOLBAL SOLUTIONS LTD with 100% shares which I provide services of export of timber and manage a third party export of other commodities which l see  to the day to day  operations and accounts, I manage 12 staffs across all the incorporations , looking at my expertise and value build over this years of experience in shipping and logistics my aim with vision is to become a global icon as entrepreneur in years ahead of me.

In conclusions I hope my profile and experience attract business opportunity with global partner around the world.